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Digital Marketing Plans

11 Online and Weal-world Small Business Marketing Essentials: 

Basic Tools You Can Use To Reach More Customers?   

Online Marketing and Traditional 

 ◾Websites: Your business website is the no.-1 place customers go to learn more. Keep it interesting and up-to-date with fresh content, a smooth user experience and accurate information. 

 ◾Mobile Marketing: Today’s customers use smartphones, so you must have a mobile-friendly website. Learn tactics for engaging smartphone users in this video. 

 ◾SEO & SEM: Optimizing for keywords and on-page SEO will boost traffic to your website and, ideally, your business. SEM campaigns like Google AdWords put you in front of targeted audiences—on the budget that works best for you. 

 ◾Email: Email marketing puts your company news in customers’ inboxes for relatively cheap. Programs like Emma and Mail Chimp make it easy for beginners to design professional email marketing campaigns. 

 ◾Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are still a key way to talk with and attract new customers. Social media also allows you to put your customer service on public display. 

 ◾Business Listings: List your business on listings sites like Google My Business, Facebook for Business, YP.com and Manta to get in front of more Google searchers. This is great for SEO.

 ◾Word-of-Mouth: This tactic works in the real world and online. Ask customers and colleagues to refer others or share news about your business. 

 ◾Community Involvement: Get involved in your community through events, sponsorships or taking part in local volunteer drives. 

 ◾In-Store / Online Promotions: Exclusive in-store promotions like sales or gifts with a purchase (which can of course also be advertised or unveiled online) can drive sales. 

 ◾In-Store  / Online Events: Keep customers happy with creative events like ladies’ night at a boutique or how-to classes in your workshop. Special signings or guest appearances can also generate buzz, sales and loyalty. 

 ◾Print: Your business will likely need some sort of printed materials, be it business cards, signage, brochures, event banners or print ads in a local publication. Polished and modern print materials will improve the quality of your marketing. 

If you would like some guidence or help with your digital marketing please visit us at www.globalbizmarketing.com.

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